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Von Frontend bis Backend:

Dein Weg in die Full Stack-Entwicklung

Web and app development are among the largest application areas of software development and form the basis of many digital business models. With increasing digitization, the demand for skilled workers is increasing. Web development offers the best career prospects.


In our 24-week boot camp we prepare you for your professional change

to Junior Web Developer.

At the end of the course you know the essential technologies of software development and will have learned important soft skills and confidently use methods and tools for the development of software in project teams.

Due to the high practical content of the online training, you can independently develop applications based on web technologies. Get on the job immediately or realize your own projects.


This is what your coach Marc says:

"After the course you will have extensive knowledge in the field of software development, with which you can work in other areas in addition to working as a full stack developer."



  • Development environment

  • Git / GitHub version control

  • Full stack architecture

  • databases

  • REST APIs and JSON

  • web technologies


  • CSS deepening

  • JavaScript basics and deepening

  • Node.js and NPM

  • Web framework React.js

    • ReactHooks

    • Styled Components

    • React router


  • Web Framework Express.js

  • REST APIs​​ with Express.js

  • Database Mongo DB with Mongoose



The course is aimed at beginners and people with some knowledge.

However, to participate, you should understand the basics of web development.


The course lasts 24 weeks with over 250 hours of workload, consisting of face-to-face units and self-learning phases, alone or in a team.

Your trainer is also available to you between the face-to-face units via the shared Slack / Discord channel. 

Technically interested people who want to continue their professional education and build skills and practical experience for a job in the field of software development.

Part-time and part-time participation is possible.

Fokussierung bei der Arbeit


fullstack-plan-englisch2 (1).png

On two dates during the week in the evening and on twelve Saturdays, you will learn in a small group up to twelve people, under the guidance of one experienced trainer in a Zoom video conference.

In addition to short theoretical units and in-depth tasks, we develop one

Full stack app together and thus get to know the required technologies LEARNING BY DOING .

At the end of the appointments there are tasks that you work on in the self-learning phase.

After the learning phase of 20 weeks, you will develop your own coding project where you can gain even more practical experience. At the same time you have a very good reference for your portfolio.

Full Stack Professional Online Training (In German)

April 9, 2024 to October 12, 2024

Online presence days:

Tuesday and Thursday 7-9 p.m.,
11 appointments Saturday (10 a.m. - 2 p.m.)

+ final presentation

Download the course dates

participation fee

€3,200 incl. VAT*

Installment payment on request

Do you have any questions about the course or financing options?

Book a non-binding consultation now!

We find an individual solution for every problem.

or register directly!

*Price applies to private individuals. If you want to register through a company, we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

You have questions about the online training?
Then call us ( 02 11 97538893 )
  or send us an email

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