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You have some coding skills and want to  work on cool projects? Then join the coding challenge!

You work with professionals on real projects and develop fully functional prototypes. 


What is the coding challenge? 

In our coding projects, all participants work as a team and develop the finished product together. This allows everyone to learn from each other and the quality of the finished solution is significantly better.  The trainer acts as project manager and client.  

In our coding projects, we take up existing digital products and solutions and develop our own fully functional prototypes or carry out complex data analyses  based on real data.  Depending on the project, a wide variety of programming languages and technologies are used.

What do you need to take part in the Coding Challenge? 

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A coding challenge includes four live sessions in one month.  Between  We communicate live sessions as a team  via Slack.



Of course you already have previous knowledge, we will tell you exactly what level you need to have. As a rule, the knowledge from our basic courses is sufficient. You will learn everything else during the Coding Challenge. 



Technical requirements are set for each  project specified. Depending on the project is the previous one  Installation of software or creation of a free cloud service account required.


This is what your coach Marc says:  

"After our basics courses, the question often arises as to how to continue. In our coding projects, you have the opportunity to apply the basics to expand your knowledge. Because learning to program primarily means practical application and dealing with new things technologies."


Python projects


The programming language Python is versatile due to the large number of modules  usable. Next to the  subject areas data  Python offers science and machine learning  many other possible uses for a wide variety of problems.  


Many of the most common modules are used in our Python coding projects and jointly develop functional programs.

Data analysis with Python

#Python #pandas #matplotlib

Python is the programming language for data analysis and machine learning. Analyze in our data analysis projects  together we create real data sets and draw exciting insights  from it. As a team, we discuss and validate the results. Depending on the topic, we delve into the field of artificial intelligence and use our data for machine learning.  To participate in these  projects  should have an account with the data analysis website

Web App with Python

#Python #HTML #CSS #JavaScript

Web development is one of the biggest uses of the Python programming language. Using the web frameworks flask and django, we develop practical web applications with Python as the backend. The languages HTML, CSS and, if necessary, JavaScript are used for the front end.

Web App with JavaScript

#HTML #CSS #JavaScript

In our JavaScript coding projects  everything revolves around JavaScript, whether with React as the frontend framework or with node.js in the backend. We develop a wide variety of web apps and use a wide variety of software stacks (e.g. MERN) or ready-made cloud solutions such as Firebase.

Online coding challenge

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