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Our living and working environments are increasingly influenced by digitization. Digital skills are becoming increasingly important in order to be able to participate in or shape a digitized world.


Everyone is welcome at Codingschule, regardless of age,  disability, ethnic origin, gender, religion/belief and sexual identity. But for some groups there are hurdles on the way to justice and equality. That's why we specifically approach them. 

In particular, we want to motivate people who are underrepresented in technological professions so that we can all create digital worlds together. 

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Codingschule is a certified education provider and trains participants as specialists in cloud computing as part of the AWS re/Start programme. With this qualification, we can give people a new professional perspective. We targeted the first course at newcomers from Ukraine. In addition to technical instruction, we offered a German course and supported them with integration work. You can find out what the course is about and what the participants say in this blog post and in this video:

Grow Ghana

We cooperate with Grow Ghana, an educational organization in Ghana that teaches young people technical skills. Grow Ghana regularly receives raspberry pies, evaluated teaching concepts and 'train-the-trainer' sessions from us. In the summer of 2019, our trainer Heiko was there for six weeks.  

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Heart projects

"Every child should have easy access to digital education."

That is our vision in the coding school junior. Unfortunately, there are kids who don't easily find their way to our courses, so we go to them!  With the mobile coding workshop, we regularly conduct courses in socio-economically weak districts.  

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Refugees Welcome

Education means integration! This is also what the 'Refugees Welcome' initiative, which initiates and accompanies a variety of integration projects in Düsseldorf, means. In cooperation, we conduct coding workshops, arrange internships and were able to pass on laptop donations to young people and support their school education. 



Everyone has talents that should be encouraged. We support people big and small to develop their tech talents by awarding scholarships. At Codingschule, very unbureaucratically after consultation.


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Girls and Women in Tech

The proportion of women in Germany's IT industry is around 17%. Much too little! We support young females with the Girls Coding Club . Because for more women in tech, you need girls in tech. And of course there are courses just for women.  

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Prospects for job seekers


Not all career paths run in a straight line; illness or strokes of fate can throw us all off course. Fortunately, more and more companies are opening up to career changers. The Coding School works with various job centers to offer job seekers new job prospects. 


And sometimes there are extraordinary events from the job center: Which IT course is right for me? What do I have to pay attention to when applying for a job? We were able to answer these and other questions at the Cook&Talk networking event. 

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Unsere Arbeit wirkt. Was uns antreibt, wie wir arbeiten und was wir mit unseren Projekten schon erreichen konnten, findest du in unserem Wirkungsbericht.

Hier geht es zu den Berichten.


Our work is driven by the idea of educational justice and equal opportunities, we make efforts and implement measures to reach as many people as possible from underrepresented and socially disadvantaged groups.

You can support our commitment with a donation. Codingschule is part of the non-profit Tech and Teach gGmbH and can issue donation receipts.


Tech and Teach gGmbH

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